In a year where I’ve been lucky to have heard some amazing music, [“Hollow”] may be one of the best songs I’ve heard this year.

— Victor Alfieri, WORDKRAPHT


Themes and moods…still far from those of a teenager, despite endemic underlying melancholy, are treated with poetic lightness and evenly translated into electrical lively uptempo “I’m Going Down.”

— Raffaelo Russo, Music Won’t Save You (translated from Italian)


…provocative, intelligent in composition and lyric, superb production, and those VOCALS – STELLAR – song, after song, after song.

— Lynn (iTunes user review of In The Trees)


I’m writing this morning to tell you how impressed I was by your EP. It sounds sincere and honest. Well done, and I am very excited to hear more from you.

— Anthony Heatherly, Music Director – KBVR


This folk songstress will bring to mind other powerful women musicians that may have been present during the Lilith Fair era. Each track featured on the album is filled with beautiful melancholy and listeners will have no choice but fall under her spell. Vocally, Glaser has no problem soaring the scales with tremendous restraint and power at the same time. Take a listen to “The Falls” and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. Her voice floats and dances between angelic soprano to a soulful alto without skipping a beat. She is in complete control.

Lyrically, In The Trees is overwhelmingly somber. Glaser sings of loss, desire and wanting to be free. Poetry set to music, the sophistication of her execution puts her in a class of her own.

— Kerriann Curtis WORDKRAPHT